10 workplace essentials for your wardrobe

Every morning is a nightmare for me. I am one of those people, who wake up with the nightmare of what to wear to work. Yes, there may be a pile of clothes hanging, from monotone shirts, chic dresses and so much more, yet when it comes to dressing up, the options seem limited. After having dealt with the problem for quite a long time, I have come up with an easy solution. My idea is to invest in few basic pieces, which can be accessorized with other clothing items to give new looks daily. I have jotted down 10 workplace essentials, which I am going to get in the months to come.

White Shirt

10 workplace essentials for your wardrobe: White Shirt

White Shirt

As all fashionistas put it out loud, a white shirt is an absolute necessity. This single piece of garment can single-handedly give more than 10 looks. I can pair it up with a trouser, or a skirt; wear it underneath a suit, and even put it over a bodycon dress with a buckle at the waist.

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The best part is that it is available everywhere, every price and can also be dressed with jeans for a casual look.

Formal Blouse

10 workplace essentials for your wardrobe: Formal Blouse

Formal Blouse

Do not restrict yourself to shirts only for your workplace. You can experiment with formal blouse and not-so-blingy tops. The color palette will obviously be on the cooler side. While black and white is the safest choice, you can also go for peach, burgundy, navy blue, coral green and strawberry cream.

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Do not go for dangerous cuts like a drooping cleavage or tank sleeves. The aim is to look decent yet smart. If you are in the mood to spice up your outfit, add a solid tone scarf or a statement neckpiece. As for the fabric, opt for free flowing and comfortable material, like cotton or silk.

A-line Skirt

10 workplace essentials for your wardrobe: A-Line Skirt

A-Line Skirt

Generally a pencil skirt is the most chosen option for work-wear wardrobe, but it has its limitation. Instead of a body hugging pencil skirt, I feel an A-line flatters every body type. Being on the voluptuous side, I prefer an A-line skirt in darker shades that hides all the loose flabs peeking out. Navy, black and maroon are go-to colors. But you can always go for grey, charcoal, slate, peach and white shades.

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If below the knee is making you look short, wear one that is just touching the knee and pair it with stockings. If you wear the top in the same color as the skirt, VOILA!!! You have created an illusion of a dress. Team it up with a stole of contrasting shade, and no one will ever know that it’s the same old skirt underneath.

Sheath dress

10 workplace essentials for your wardrobe: Sheath Dress

Sheath Dress

I can’t tell you enough the importance of a good fitted dress. While many choose the skater dress, as it gives the right fit and flare, I believe a sheath dress is a must for the workplace wardrobe. They do not cling to the body, yet gives a shapely silhouette.

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Victoria Beckham has time and again sported the fashion. Recently, Kim Kardashian has also been seen wearing the trend in a number of occasions. Colors that you may want to go for are neutrals, solid tone and definitely one in the chalky grey. You can layer the outfit with jacket or white shirt, or even keep it neat with just a sleek belt.

ASOS Tailored pants

10 workplace essentials for your wardrobe: Trousers


I was never a big follower of pants, because of my heavy bottom, until I discovered Asos, especially the Curve line. Straight leg. Check. No cling. Check. High Waist. Check. What more could I ask for! They even have a section for our skinny beauties. This particular piece of garment from all the workplace essentials is not just multifunctional but gives that power woman image, so much needed in the professional world.

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If you have a muffin top, do not tuck in the shirt inside, instead keep it over the pants and belt it up at the narrowest part of your waist.

Formal Cardigan/jacket

10 workplace essentials for your wardrobe: Blazer


Even the most basic of outfits can be transformed into a professional outfit with a structured blazer. You can wear it with a dress, as a suit over a trouser and shirt, a skirt and top and even a tunic. I really like how Michelle Obama carries her diplomatic looks, even in floral frocks, with a blazer.

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Black is more of strictly corporate, stripes lend an air of business casual.


10 workplace essentials for your wardrobe: Tunic


There are some days in which you are not at all in the mood for a dress nor a skirt. In times like those, opt for a relaxed look with a tunic. Tunics are one of the most comfortable pieces of garments, you can wear them as they are, pair them up with pants or straight long skirts.

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Printed tunics are great as business casuals.  As you all know vertical stripes hides bulges, but do ensure that the stripes are not thicker than 8 cm. If you have to go for thick stripes, opt for color blocking tones, like black and maroon, or olive and navy blue.


10 workplace essentials for your wardrobe: Leggings


I like to keep a pair of black leggings handy in my wardrobe, especially for those days, when I am not feeling like dressing up much. I like the fact that they are super stretchy and let my skin breathe even in the office. I have got in three shades – navy blue, black and tan, which I shuffle with different outfits.

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Do not wear your leggings as trouser. Please detain from wearing them with waist length shirts or tops. Your explicitly prominent shape of rear may not be a great sight for all.

Classic Pumps

10 workplace essentials for your wardrobe: Classic Pumps

Classic Pumps

A person is often defined by her feet. Hence a good foot wear is an essential addition to your wardrobe. Even if you are in the best of your three piece suit, a bad shoe can destroy the impact. I prefer good old leather pumps, peeptoes and for those ‘fashionista days’ a solid tone pair of Loafers.

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Being on the shorter side, I do look with desire at the heels, but chunky 4 inch heels are not really that comfortable or that suitable if you are in the corporate.

Formal Bag

10 workplace essentials for your wardrobe: Formal Bag

Formal Bag

It does not look nice if you sling your graphic printed cross-body bag to your workplace, unless you are in the fashion industry. Satchel and totes are generally the most preferred options. What I do when I am purchasing any bag is write down in a sticky note all the things I will be carrying in my bag; accordingly I make the purchase.

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The thing about formal bag is they must not be too flashy or loud. Too much chains or too many metal deco on the bag is a bad idea, as they make it look cheap.