5 ways to rejuvenate your skin in winter

5 ways to rejuvenate your skin this winter

It’s that time of the year again, when getting out of the blanket literally gives me goosebumps. I mean who likes winter! It gives you dry skin, flaky hair and even worse the patchy wool rashes. It’s not easy to look fresh and rejuvenated when the weather plays foul. Dealing with winter requires some extra care in your daily skin regimen. I follow a five steps daily routine to keep my skin healthy and nourished in this cold. The steps are:

Hydration is the key

Winter is synonymous with dehydration. The blood vessels constricts, we don’t feel thirsty. There is cold induced frequent urination. The result is dull and stretchy skin. The only solution is taking in lots and lots of fluid, minimum 3litres daily. It includes juice, smoothies, beverage, soup, and ofcourse plain water. But, mind you hot drinks just like hot shower can worsen skin conditions, as intense heat ruptures our derma cells.

#ExtraCare: Do add a Tulsi leaf to my water jug, to give me that extra flavor and to prevent cold.

5 ways to rejuvenate your skin this winter

Say yes to Oil Massage

The searing chilly winds lead to skin cracks and chapped lips and feet. The skin loses its natural moisture. So, exterior application of moisturizing agent is essential. While I do indulge in oil based moisturizers like Nivea Body Lotion and Vaseline Total Moisture, but nothing can replace the benefits of a good oil massage. Olive Oil is a great option to start with. I prefer a combination of avocado oil, olive oil and almond oil for that soothing touch.

#ExtraCare: Slightly warm the oil before application for more effectiveness.

5 ways to rejuvenate your skin this winter

Mask over Scrubs

Scrubbing is a bad choice in winter, as the granules scratches the dry skin surface even more. If you really want to remove the dead skin, go for nourishing facemasks and packs. While there are several options available in the market, go for the ones that are cream based or gel based. Personally, I prefer 2in1 face wash cum mask, available in brands like Neutrogena and O3.

#ExtraCare: If you really can’t live without scrubbing, go for natural ingredients like brown sugar mixed with honey.

5 ways to rejuvenate your skin this winter

The Vitamin C Diet

Nothing is as good as Vitamin C to add a glow to your skin. If you really want to rejuvenate your dull skin, gobble on citric acid based fruits, like orange, kiwi, apricot, berries, melon, papaya, lemon and so on. Also, seasonal vegetables like Cabbage, Cauliflower, bell peppers, broccoli will help you detox from inside.

#ExtraCare: Add a bowl of fruit salad to your breakfast on a regular basis, if you want instant result.

5 ways to rejuvenate your skin this winter

Sun protection

As we tend to go out more in the sun during winter, a sunscreen is a must. Personally I prefer the sun care range from Lotus Herbals, but you can go for any products that have a SPF between 25 to 70 for UVB protection, and PA+++ for UVA protection.

#ExtraCare: If you opt for a thick cream based waterproof sunscreen, you can actually skip a daily moisturizer.

5 ways to rejuvenate your skin this winter