7 beauty tips for neck care

A crease-free and even toned neck is what all women desire. But, how much attention do you actually pay to this delicate area of your body? To say the least, your neck needs the same care and attention as your face. If you want a perfectly radiant skin that catches all eyes, your neck needs to compliment the rest of the body as well. So today we will guide you through 7 beauty tips for neck care for you to flaunt your cape just the way you have been dreaming

Cleansing and toning is the Key

7 beauty tips for neck care: Cleansing and Toning

Cleansing and Toning

Just as you would cleanse your face after an entire day of dirt attack and stress, the skin on your neck area needs the same cleansing routine. Wash your neck region with the same face wash twice a day while washing your face, rather than using the harsh soaps. This will not only help clean any dirt or oily delicately, but also keep it off from drying.

Make sure that you wipe off every last bit of make-up from even your neck area before you go to bed. This will ensure unclogged pores, and hence a glowing neck.

Exfoliate your Way to Radiant Skin

7 beauty tips for neck care: Exfoliation


Regular exfoliation your neck will ensure the removal of dead skin cells. While this will help in reduction of the appearance of any lines or wrinkles, new cell generation will make the skin appear smooth. Hence, make sure to scrub your neck area at least once a week and maximum twice a week.

Use a home-made scrub for your neck for better results. Mix finely grounded almonds with milk and massage in upward motion that is, starting from the base of the neck and wash off once done. Make sure that you not apply excess pressure and do not massage for more than 5 minutes.

Mask it Up

7 beauty tips for neck care: Masks


If you are applying a mask to your face, why not bestow some pampering to your neck as well? However, since the skin on your neck is delicate you should use masks especially suited to the area. Beat up an egg white and mix it up with a teaspoon of honey glycerine. Allow this mask to stay on for half an hour and wash off for a younger looking skin.

Consider using fruit to prepare home-made masks, as fruits are free of chemicals, hence mild to your neck skin. Avocados, apples, or bananas are some of the fruits that can work as your savior. For example, you can simply mash a ripe banana and add some milk to it. Keep this mask on for up to 20 minutes and feel the difference.

Anti-ageing Properties

7 beauty tips for neck care: Anti-ageing


No woman wants her neck to show up any unwanted lines or creases on her neck. Hence to avoid the appearance of any wrinkles apply home-made packs regularly. Make a paste of cooked oatmeal (once cold) with egg white and add the juice of one whole lemon to it. Let this mask stay on for 15 minutes and then wash off. This mask is specially targeted for those with oily skin.

Alternatively, you can make a paste of mashed pumpkin and apply it directly on the neck. Rinse after 20 minutes and use this upto 4 times a week for best results. This will not just keep any wrinkles away, but also tighten the skin on your neck.

What About that Sagging Skin?

7 beauty tips for neck care: skin tightening

Skin Tightening

While you want an even toned neck and free of wrinkles, you would also not want untimely sagging of the skin on your neck. Hence, try massaging your neck with an oil or cream containing Vitamin E quite often. This regime will make sure that you have queen-like radiant and smooth neck, and that also helps in tightening the skin.

However, if you are applying a pack that contains ingredients like, gram flour or fuller’s earth for skin tightening, make sure that you do not let it stay till it cracks. This will otherwise lead to skin sagging, hence wash off while it’s still a bit wet.

Brighten your skin

7 beauty tips for neck care: Brightening


The skin on your neck is sensitive compared to your facial skin; hence it gets tanned easily when out in sun. It is therefore, imperative to apply a sunscreen with higher SPF when outside. However, if you’ve already got the tan, or any pigmentation due to over exposure in sun, use masks made of lemon and tomato juice, egg and honey, aloe vera gel or simply use the cucumber juice.

Leave them on for about 15 minutes and wash off with luke warm water first and then cold water for tightening. This will not just help reduce pigmentation, marks or spots, but also brighten the neck area by visibly reducing the darkening effect.

Just Before You Sleep

7 beauty tips for neck care: Just before you sleep

Just before you sleep

Toning is another important routine that you need to follow for your neck too. So simply wipe your neck with the same toner you use for your face to close the open pores, before you are reaching your bed.

And, once you are onto the bed, make sure that you use soft pillows for a relaxed neck muscles. A free movement of your neck is important while you are sleeping, hence avoid any hard support that would make you feel uneasy.


So, follow these 7 beauty tips for neck care and flaunt your visibly beautiful neck today.