7 fashion tips to rock your first day at work

Your wardrobe may be stashed with piles of clothes, but that perfect attire simply seems to be missing especially if it’s your first day at work. We understand that predicament as the first impression that you create at your new job does mean a lot in the long term. While you should dress professionally, you should also look chic and in vogue. So let’s find out how to impress your boss at the first day of your work with these 7 fashion tips..
Closed Toe Pumps
7 fashion tips to rock your first day at work :Closed Toe Pumps

Closed Toe Pumps

Pumps are your best bet at the office especially the nude ones that make a subtle statement about your fashion sense bang on the first day. Though you can experiment with a red, white or black occasionally, nude pumps are the classics that can almost never go wrong.
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Peep toes or fashionable stilettoes are a big no-no, so simply stick to the ones with closed toe. They look stylish yet elegant with balanced attire.
Pencil Skirts
7 fashion tips to rock your first day at work :pencil skirts

pencil skirts

It’s not your first day at the college or your first date, so stay away from those fancy flowing skirts. Pencil skirts or Bodycon Skirts are the ideal outfits for your office, and by sporting them at the first day at your work you already win half the war!
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Though one can play with solid colors (not patterns or prints) like, a royal blue or fuchsia if office allows and pair them with separates in contrast colors, it is advisable to stick to neutral colors like, nude or gray shades paired with white or off-white sophisticated blouses at the first day. Keep the fun for later, what say?
Power Suit
7 fashion tips to rock your first day at work:power suit

power suit

A power suit can never go wrong in a professional environment. Throw a blazer on a knee length pencil skirt, or straight cut trouser in pin stripes with the quintessential white blouse beneath or add class with black stockings the power dressing is made to impress.
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For the first day we advise you stick to neutral shades such as, black, gray or cream and set the ball rolling in your favor.
Wide Legged Trousers
7 fashion tips to rock your first day at work :Wide Legged Trousers

Wide Legged Trousers

Nothing like wearing fashionable trousers and still gain that respect. Wide-legged trousers let you chive just that with the right cut and pattern. It’s extremely important to make sure that you wear well-tailored stuff, especially the pants which are not to cling to your buttocks.
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Remember that you are at the first day of your work and you are there to create a professional impression that should call for honor and grace.
Muted Makeup
7 fashion tips to rock your first day at work :Muted Makeup

Muted Makeup

Once again remind yourself of the fact that you should leave behind your street chic style back when you are heading for the office, especially on the first day! But that does not mean that you should wear no makeup, but it should be rather subdued. Go for a nude makeup, just some sunscreen, base and pressed powder.
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For the eyes stick to the basic black with no smudged look, a hint of mascara (not essential), and some tinted lip balm or a lipstick in shades of nude. Stay away from bright colors if you are really serious about creating an impression.
Statement Jewelry
7 fashion tips to rock your first day at work :Statement Jewelry

Statement Jewelry

Keep your entire look simple with just one piece of statement jewelry instead of wearing them all. We sure understand that you have all those junk pieces to show off, but just one is good enough for your office.
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For a stronger statement just select a chic yet classy neckpiece with your business casual and you are all set to rock your first day.
Balance Colors
7 fashion tips to rock your first day at work :Balance Colors

Balance Colors

Learn to mix and match the right color before even you step out for your first day at work, as one wrong step can spoil your entire effort. If you are wearing separates, DO NOT wear them in same colors or two bright or two muted colors.
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Balance the colors with one muted and one bright and with the right shades. Do some research on the internet if you are still unsure about which colors would best match with each other, before you end up matching a pink with a red! When in doubt, stick to the basics with neutral shades.