7 lessons from Kim Kardashian beauty routine

You love her, you hate her but you just cannot ignore Kim Kardashian. From news of her leaked MMS to her baby bump, everything is under the radar. Daily, my FB home page is flooded with her pictures and news of how she does her make up, what she is wearing, whom she is meeting, and where she is going. She is everywhere, from Elle magazine to Vogue to GQ. But, what differentiates her from the other Kardashian sisters is her acute sense of make up and beauty. She knows her skin, her angles and her shape, and girl, she does know it well! Even with a baby bump, she is glowing like a true star. Let’s take some inspiration out of her beauty routine.



7 lessons from Kim Kardashian beauty routine:Foundation


The ‘Kim Kardashian beauty’ is incomplete if you are not aware of the term contouring. A make up pro herself, she experiments with different foundation and concealer. She follows the process of 3, religiously putting foundation, powder and concealer all together and then mixes it up with a beauty blender, highlighting her cheekbones, forhead and jawline. The technique is perfect and gives a flawless finish.

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Do not ignore the neck and upper cleavage. The aim is to match skin tone and not look like a multi-toned monkey.

Well defined lips

7 lessons from Kim Kardashian beauty routine:lips


Kim Kardashian and pouts go hand in hand. Nude shades may be her signature style, but she is not afraid to flaunt bright red lips. Although she is biased towards Nars- belle de jour, she experiments a lot with Revlon, MAC and even drugstore lippies.

Find your shade

To get her look, apply lipstick in pink, nude or red and do not forget the liner. Kim believes in a well defined shape of the lip. Add to it some gloss in the center. If you are like me, on the darker side, coral and maroon are winners, any day.

Smokey eyes

7 lessons from Kim Kardashian beauty routine:smoky

smoky eyes

The most sported look by Kim an intense look with smokey eyes, nude lips and hair tied back. She says she cannot do without her MAC carbon to get the darkest shade. She explains, “I ask for this smokey eye whether I am going to the grocery store, whether I’m going to the pool, or whether I’m going to the red carpet event.”

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Even you can try her style. All you need is to find a really good eye palette, two brushes (angular & blending brush) and some long lasting highlighter. You can experiment with colors like gray, brown and emerald.

Lusty Lashes

7 lessons from Kim Kardashian beauty routine:lashes


Kim Kardashian beauty secret is out and high definition mascara is among the toppers in the list. Her style is really thick, voluminous lashes that make a statement of their own. I have tried it with mascara. I must say it’s not going to happen if you apply only once. What I did is get a pair of curlers and curled my lashes.

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After that, I applied two coats of mascara. I feel so Kardashian now, with my bright and bold eyes.


7 lessons from Kim Kardashian beauty routine:bronzer


I love the just-out-of-sun look Kim sports most of the time. She never looks pale, thanks to her overtly passionate love for bronzer. She swears by Smashbox bronzers but also dabbles often with MAC.

Choose according to your skin tone

Personally I feel Smashbox gives more of a smooth Instagram ready matte finish, while MAC makes me glitter and glow. For correct contouring, apply the bronzer below the jawline, on the nose, across the forehead and definitely in the boniest part of the cheek. To test the perfect shade, try matching it with your neckline region.

Remove make up (Neutrogena make up remover cleansing toilletes)

7 lessons from Kim Kardashian beauty routine:remover


Kim repeatedly stresses on removal of make up for a healthy skin. She says, “My essential has got to be Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes in Night Calming. I need a makeup wipe at all times. That’s the only way I take my makeup off.” Indeed, wipes are the best thing ever for makeup.

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All the smokey eyes and painted face cannot be easily removed by just a face wash. Soft wipes actually works and if you go for a nicely fragranced one, you will be totally refreshed and reinvigorated.

Eyebrow Perfection

7 lessons from Kim Kardashian beauty routine:tweezers


Kim Kardashian maintains her eye brows perfectly. According to her, a proper brow shapes the face flawlessly. Before her final nod to Anastasia Soare (in every 3 weeks), she used to keep a tweezer handy.

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The trick is to decide the angle that suits you best and tweeze the extra hairs off the brow. Plus, with a tweezer, you do not have to worry about appointments with beauticians again. I keep oe in my beauty bag all the time; I feel it’s better than threading.