Best Halloween dresses for 2016: Spooky look

Best Halloween Dresses for 2016

With Halloween in the offing the panic button seems to be on for all the enthusiasts all of a sudden. The childhood fascination of getting into your favorite costume turns into a full-fledged fun gathering as we grow up. However, it gets a tad baffling to decide on a different Halloween dress each year. All the more if it’s a last minute invitation, what say?

It’s not always about the spooky vibe or that eccentric head gear that makes a Halloween costume, but there’s more to it. So from pun inducing dresses to the casual look we have come up with some great ideas on the best Halloween dresses for 2016 that will help you add that much needed glamour to the horror night..

Pun-derful Look


Dress to impress with a playful pun attire that’s straight onto the face. From being a social butterfly, to the funky web designer or the sassy killer bee, there are endless ideas floating around.

Casual Look


When short of ideas, nothing beats the casual look even at the much awaited Halloween party. Better still; in these looks you do not even need that weirdo head gear on and all that hassle to get it done. Just a solid colored shirt (preferably white) with a simple witty statement on it, or a yellow circle attached to an all-white dress is all that you need to make a statement.

Glam Look


Best Halloween dresses for 2016: Glam Look

Wow! We love the glammed up look be it an evening affair or the Halloween night. Flaunt your toned abs, arms or your pins in those jazzy outfits yet creating that spooky atmosphere.

Story Book Look


Best Halloween dresses for 2016: Story Book look

Steal that look from your tots’ favorite story book character and bring them to life with these hip dresses. Just grab hooded sweatpants in gray and put on a yellow crown cut out of chart paper and there you go!

Fun Look


Nothing can be easier than getting a patched body con dress signifying a cow and place those horn hairbands and Holy Cow! Don’t you look like one? We bet you do! Well, a runaway bride does the trick too!

Makeup Look


Best Halloween dresses for 2016: Make-up look

This is all about makeup so get an expert hand to get the desired look. A heavy dose of bronzer and the white dots will do the trick. While coloring the nose tip with black will add drama to the look, drawing your brows in deep black and placing the antlers on your head will complete the look.

90s Look


Best Halloween dresses for 2016: 90s look

This one’s uber simple, just throw on a scarlet trench coat paired with black leather gloves, black knee-length high heeled boots(preferably on a black dress), a red hat with yellow bow and you are spot on with the 90s look.

Spooky Look



What’s a Halloween party without the classic spooky look? Add that horror element to the event with a skeleton outfit, a creepy headgear, painted face or simply add that glam quotient to the Boogyman and you are easily the winner of the night.

Crazy Look


That’s a no brainer, as that ever famous Gumball look, or the Bulletin Board is all that you need to build up that crazy atmosphere. These looks require minimal preparation with maximum impact, so get going!