Miss Universe 2016 Top 20 Predictions

Bitvie Miss Universe 2016 Predictions: Top 20

Miss Universe 2016 has already begin it’s countdown in one of most picturised locations of the world. Miss Universe 2016 will be held in the beautiful and scenic locations of Philippines. This is 65th edition of Miss Universe and more than 85 contestants in this renowned contest has made it an historic event.

The competition has already started from the first week of January 2017. The coronation night of Miss Universe will take place on 30th January 2017 where Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach will be crowing her successor in her own country. Pia will be the hosting the show with none other than Miss Universe Philippines 2016 Maxine Medina.

Here is the list of 20 contestants that we predict will be the lead runner in this prestigious competition. Have a look at them and find out why they deserve this position –

Caris Tiivel Top 5, Top 3


She is one of the most deserving candidate for the competition. She is a model and is extremely friendly with camera and knows that which angel is best for her. She looks appealing to every photographer.

Shannon Harris Top 10


She has a fresh face which can stun everyone in the competition. But she needs to walk well and talk well to win the game.

Raissa Santana Top 3


One of the most watched delegate from South America. She trended when she flaunted the Afro Hairstyle which completed well with her skin, style and aura. With her personality and package the girl is a complete winner.

Siera Bearchell Top 10


She has a cheerful personality which makes her a sure shot entry into Top 10. With a versatile personality and even smiling face the girl will be going long distance.

Li Zhenying Top 10


This beauty from China is exceptionally tall with well balanced features. If she adds some fierceness and works on her stage presence then she can definitely do wonders in the upcoming contest.

Andrea Tovar Top 10


She is a well trainer model with superb catwalk skills and well proportioned body structure. She has a softer look in every angle and thus we expect her to be a part of Top 10.

Carolina Rodriguez Top 15 Top 10


Carolina has earlier been part of Philippines to attend beauty trainings and workshops. The girl has her fighting spirit and confidence which will take her miles ahead in the race.

Sal Garcia Top 5


Her bouncing catwalk skills and her top screen presence is what makes this girl stand out among the other girls in the contest.

Iris Mittenaere Top 5


With her bubbly personality and strong will power behind that cheerful face makes her the obvious choice among the crowd.

Roshmita Harimurthy Top 15


This beauty from India is constantly earning good scrore with her srong catwalk skills, screen presence and that enduring smile. Roshmita can be a sure shot entry in top 15.

Kezia Warouw Top 10


With her strong screen presence this very tall candidate is perfect for the upcoming race of Miss Universe. She  is extremely confident and looks very comfortable in her skin.

Isabel Dalley Top 3


She is one of the most photographed contestant. The girl has a cheerful smile with perfect jawline and a bubbly personality. She can shock everyone in the contest.

Kiran Jassal Top 10


She has a touch of regal pageant aura in her. Also, the girl has gorgeous wavy and smooth hair can be a ray of hope for Malaysia.

Kristal Silva Top 3


She is known for her facial beauty and strong screen presence. Not to forget she was earlier one of the Top 8 finalists in Miss Earth 2013.

Zoey Ivory Top 15


As a fashion model she has an impressive catwalk style and deadly fashion sense. She is ruling the crowd with her bouncy hair and the perfect facial angels.

Maxine Medina Top 10


Being her home country she is one of the most favoured candidate by the contestants. Also, she is a full package in terms of her catwalk skills, stage presence and confidence.

Chalita Suansane Top 10


She keeps surprising audience by her creative national costumes. Not to forget her sexy smile and well sculpted face can make her a surprise entry in Top 10.

Deshauna Barber Top 3


She is a girl next door when she is off stage but as soon as she enters the stage she is a diva. And that’s why she was a winner when she represented United States in Miss Universe.

Mariam Habach Top 10


She is one of the most prepared contestant for the Miss Universe competition. The girl has been prepping up for her big day since ages.

Dang Thi Le Hang Top 15


Her catwalk is a sight to watch. Already a winner at number of runaways here also the girl can win and shock everyone.