The Clutural Collection

The Culture Collection: 25th - 28th August, Mumbai

A glimpse of India’s culture and tradition at this 4 day long event at The Culture Collection being held in the business capital of India.  Every year this event is being organised once a year. This year it is exhibiting the crafts at world trade centre, Mumbai. The 4 day long event began 10 years back and since it received such a huge warm response from the crowd that the tradition is continuing since 1996. This year the coveted exhibition begins from 25th August and will continue till 28th August.

The culture collection event showcases some of the most exquisite Indian traditions. Some yester year products and customs are displayed here. Artistries and handicraft experts from all over the country participate in this event.

The event has been witnessing more than 500 people from different parts of the globe coming together to celebrate and rejoice the unique tradition of India.

The culture collection event brings together a unique platform of bringing together different varied artistries and handicraft experts at a single platform. India has immense talent at every nook and corner of the country and mostly these handicraft materials don’t get proper recognition. Thus, The culture collection is doing such a noble work of creating a bride between such unnamed talents.

If you are fortunate enough to witness the exhibition of the Culture Collection event then you can see the gorgeous piece of work weaving a magic with hands. The exhibition houses some of the most brilliant piece of handicrafts, wooden work, bamboo work, murals, handcrafted decor products, paper products, ethnic handbags, jharokhas,  ethnic garments, sarees and likewise.

So, what are you waiting for? Get a cab and head over to the world trade centre and treat yourself with some of the best handicraft pieces at The Culture Collection event.

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