Dice Exhibition

DICE Exhibition 2016 Chennai 24th-25th September

DICE (Designs Interiors Construction Engineering) is a premium boutique style display of world’s best architectural designs, interiors and outdoors at the display. When the best in class builders, developers, consultants join hands together and display their finest self at the DICE exhibition then it’s a treat to watch. The objective of DICE is to bring around some of the amazing and never before seen architectural designs at display. They want to stun the crowd with their phenomenal and magnificent buildings. Not only this but the sustainable and modern housing solutions keeping in mind the need of today and foreseeing the architectural future is also a major agenda of DICE.

The exhibitors are selected on the above criteria only. Every year DICE selects exhibitors from every nook and corner of the world who has a touch of class, modern, surprise, sustainable and royalty in their work. This is the third year that DICE is into business and they have made a name of themselves. At present they have extended presence in Bangalore and Chennai. And right now they are extending to four major cities – Mysore, Manglore, Hubli and Coimbatore.

DICE held a 2 day exhibition at the Chennai Trade Centre in Chennai. With huge products and quality architecture at display this event became the talk of the town. The event showcased materials like pools, cafeterias, gardens, golf gardens, doors & windows, bath and sanitations, tiles & ceramics, luxury furniture and likewise.

The 2 day DICE exhibition held between 24-25th September 2016 was highly visited, rejoiced and ranked not only by the Chennai localities but even the major dignitaries present at the event. The major visitors of the event were – Mohana Krishna (Anjana Property Developers), J M Zabee (Managing Director at Inoption Group), Baskar (Managing Director at MM Engineering) and Jayasudha Seenivasan (Executiev Director at Aaegam). The two day event was a gala success and everyone left with head help high and lots of enthusiasm in their heart.

DICE Exhibition Picture Showcase