Fifteen Years of Beauty for a Cause: A Short History of Miss Earth

There are many beauty pageants people have known in the “modern” era: three of the most famous are Miss Universe, Miss World, and Miss International. Recently though, you may have noticed that you are seeing the entry of the proverbial “new kid on the block”. Yes, we are indeed referring to Miss Earth here, and really, we have every reason to. While it does not have the pomp and history of the Big Three, it at least has managed to reach enough places that other events will not dare to go to. The reason for it? Well, it’s quite simple: they’re promoting the health of the planet as much as the “beauty” of its denizens!

Photo by PageantFanatic

Photo by PageantFanatic

So, is this enough reason to be stoked about Miss Earth? Well, yes, but do know that there is more to the pageant than what you are simply seeing on your TV sets or on your web browsers! It may have “only” been running up to 15 years, but it now has enough history to make just about anyone take notice of it! Read below for more of what makes Miss Earth so unique!

How Miss Earth Came About

You may think that Miss Earth was started with all the pomp and pageantry it deserved, but it actually started out very humbly: at a little hotel in the heart of Manila, Philippines. An upstart production by the name of Carousel Productions started Miss Earth as a way of selling television rights to broadcasters all over the world since its primary business was airing—you guessed it—beauty pageants. And with only three yearly pageants to work with annually, it’s very hard to stretch a company’s reason for being, isn’t it?

Photo by PageantFanatic

Photo by PageantFanatic

Well, it wasn’t until 2004 that Miss Earth actually became a viable foundation, complete with endorsements from many of the world’s top nonprofit and charity organizations. Not bad, eh?

The Future of Miss Earth

Miss Earth is finally plugging along with its brand of eco-centered pageantry. This year’s event will take place from the culturally-rich city of Vienna, Austria, and it will be broadcasted live all over the world on December 5! Hope you get to share your reactions with us!