Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween Makeup to Try for This Year

Whoa! November is almost there and the final countdown for Halloween has already started! The excitement is already in the air and we can already feel that. While we have already discussed about the costumes and the funky nail art, we are left with the most significant part of it and that’s the Halloween makeup.

It’s time you get in to your creative shoes with these super crazy ideas which can even be your savior in case if you have still not zeroed in on the costume. So let’s get going with the uber-cool and easy Halloween makeup to try for this year and add a fun dose to the most awaited spooky night of the year!

Sugar Skull



Using the UV Day Glow face paint here does the trick. While, it’s intense in the daylight, it equally glows in the darkness. To get this look, you need to first paint your face white and then surround your eyes with purple. Draw a small heart at the tip of your nose, but upside down.

Fill your lips with lime green and then move onto paint the stitches. Add the colorful details on the rest of your face and give your hair a twist with some funky streaks using the same DayGlow paint and there you go!

Bloodstained Peepers

Halloween Makeup to Try for This Year

Possibly one of the easiest of the Halloween makeups, this is achievable using superior quality fake blood. Do not try to use ketchup to get the look, as you will rather end with a messed-up look. Yes, also keep in mind to not spill it over your dress.

Circle your eyes with a shaded look using red or black and then use the fake blood with the help of a Q-tip to get the dripping look.

Doll Up



An amazing idea in itself, the Doll Face is all about your artistry in makeup. Create a matte look by first building the base with foundation, followed by the application of concealer and finishing it with pressed powder. Create the doll like blush on your cheeks, chin and temples using a round brush and hot pink shaded blush. End with adding that drama to your peepers by sticking three drugstore eyelashes on the other and trim at the corners for the wide-eyed look.

Apply layers of mascara using a fan brush, fill the waterline with white eye pencil, and paint those puckers in heart shape in pink in the middle. Cover both the corners with concealer for that perfect dolled up lips. Finish the cool look with two high side knots on your crown and all you are all ready to make a statement this Halloween.

Glitter Eyes



No one can ever say no to glitters, can they? Create a base for the look by dabbing on some foundation and highlight your eyes with some mascara. Pile on some liquid illuminator for that additional glow with more focus on the bridge of your nose, over the cheekbones and some above the cupid’s bow. Pile on some cream eyeshadow in metallic sheen at the rim of your eyes, from the brow curves towards the temples and down towards the cheekbones.

Now you need a cotton swab dipped in some moisturizer and then coated with the glitter. Coat your eyes all round with light movements of your hand to create that out of the world effect. Fill your lips with silver face paint that’s safe for puckers and you have finally mastered that disco ball look matched with your glitzy apparel.

The Leopard Look



Draw a cat-eye in bold using black liquid kohl liner and draw your brows in bold too with black brow pencil. Add those thin lines along your nose, lips, cheeks, chin and even along the jawline. Give that cartoon like effect to your eyelashes by painting them on both the upper and lower eye lid. Now fill your face with tiny red dots using a red liner tip, outline your puckers with red lip liner and fill them too. Outline your lips with black liner and give that reflection effect by drawing a small white line at one corner of the lower lip. Now you are all set to rock the night with that Leopard look.