How to Get Glowing Skin in winters

How to get glowing skin this winter

Getting a glowing skin in winter is difficult especially because our skin is so dry and flaky.  But it is a task that can be achieved through proper skin rejuvenation routine and some easy make up tricks. Today I will share with you some beauty and diet hacks that will give you quick glow even in the coldest of months.

The power of Petroleum Jelly



Nothing is as good as a good tub of Vaseline to keep your skin healthy and luminous in the dry season of winter. From acting as foot balms to softening of dry chapped lips to highlighting your cheekbones and giving a shine to your eyelids, and even becoming your go-to make up remover, Vaseline just works wonder to give you a healthy glow.

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Skin Illuminating Moisturizer

How to get glowing skin this winter

Yes, we all need to moisturize our skin in the winters. How about protection and radiance at the same time? Yes, that’s exactly what a skin illuminating moisturizer does.You can go for any brands, as long as it contains Vitamin E. Personally, I love my Origin’s Mega Bright as it is non sticky, light weight yet very hydrating and gives me shimmery skin.

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Shimmer it right (highlighter)

How to get glowing skin this winter

If you are looking for instant glowing skin, all you need is a powder luminizer or a brightening baked powder. A dab after applying cream foundation or BB cream, right on the cheek and just below the brow bones and you have that subtle sparkle in an instant. But be careful on the application; a little is often too much in this case.

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The Honey, lemon and papaya effect

How to get glowing skin this winter

Honey, as we all know, is a natural skin moisturizing agent, while Papaya and lemon has oodles of Vitamin C that causes skin brightening and spot removal. Together, they work like wonder. Add to your daily diet these 3, or even use them as a face pack, and I can guarantee you  of a fresh naturally dewy skin.

Luscious Lips

How to get glowing skin this winter

From the time Maybelline launched their Baby Lips, I have been a devoted fan of tinted lip balms. Winters are incomplete without them. These pigmented little things gives protection plus style, that subtle hint of glamour even when I am running to work. I love Maybelline’s Sticks but if you are looking for natural ones, without harsh chemicals, Burt’s and Bees are the ones for you. Just a slide and you are ready to shine.

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