Miss Universe 2014: Mexico vs Costa Rica

Mexico Vs Costa Rica: Head to Head

Mexioc and Costa Rica are doing well enough in our social media polls, see the result here. Read through as our team do Mexico Vs Costa Rica
[pull_quote_center]Note: There is no Law of average working here. Overall rating is decided by our team which has people from 4 countries.[/pull_quote_center]

Miss Costa Rica: Karina Ramos

Mexico Vs Costa Rica: Miss Costa Rica: Karina Ramos

Miss Costa Rica: Karina Ramos

One of the front runners. She arrived as a certain Top 10 in our list. We are elevating her to Top 5 and a possible winner. She is on everyone’s watch list. She is not just looking good but is a great stage performer as well. Sexy as her name is, she has a great walk, a great body. She could be a ‘Bond Girl’. She seems very sophisticated.
[pull_quote_left]A successful model and an entrepreneur. She has her own Modelling agency. A student of public affairs and knows how to take everyone in her stride.[/pull_quote_left]
She has a very positive aura that one would appreciate being around and not feel threatened. She excellent people skills. Have a look at these video to testify what we mean when we shower our praises on her.
She has what it takes to be a Miss Universe. An aura that can inspire people. Successful entrepreneur at a young age, representing her country. She has the brains and a beauty which speaks ‘sophistication’. Mexico vs Costa Rica would turn out to be a good competition. Don't forget to vote for her here.


Miss Mexico: Joselyn Garciglia

Mexico Vs Costa Rica: Miss Mexico: Joselyn Garciglia

Miss Mexico: Joselyn Garciglia

Joselyn was not on everyone’s watch list. We included her in our prediction because we knew that she will be trained by Lupita Jones , A former Miss Universe who has done very good job is elevating Mexico in beauty pageants.
[pull_quote_right]Impressive styling, good potential, positive aura defines Joselyn Garciglia[/pull_quote_right]
Joselyn is beautiful though some find her to be lacking in ‘something’ that most can’t point out. We do find a lot of potential in the girl. Her aura is very positive and there is a royal feel about her.  He does seem shy at this moment.
She needs to improve her catwalk. Styling has been good. Her pictures in gown very impressive. Swim suit photo shoot did go well too. We would like this girl to go far and she will. Click here to make her top the social media trend.