Miss Universe 2015: The controversial results continue

Miss Universe 2015Miss Universe 2015 Pageant continued the legacy of controversy. Pia Wurtzbach of Philippines won the Miss Universe 2015 edition However in a shocking turn of events the host first announced Miss Colombia as Miss Universe and later apologized for having announced wrong winners.

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Read: http://bitvie.com/pia-wurtzbach-bb-pilipinas-2015/

Following many beauty queens mostly from Latin America rushed to Miss Colombia to comfort. Miss Germany also came under attack from Filipinos for supporting Miss Colombia.

Miss USA was the second runner up at the event.

Previous event was also mired in controversy as Miss Jamaica was heralded as People’s Miss Universe. Olivia Culpo’s victory at Miss Universe 2012 was not received well by the Filipinos.


Whatever the reason be for the ‘mistake’, Pia Wurtzbach is an inspiring personality for her steadfast pursuance of her goal. She won the coveted Miss Universe crown for Philippines after 40 plus years.

Philippines now has 3 Miss Universe and 1 Miss World crown. 

Miss Universe 2015Asia should support the new Miss Universe as her victory is being questioned by Latinos but when one looks at it in perspective that Philippines claims itself to be the Latin country of the east and has cultivated that image for years, it does appear that she had to stand pretty much alone when Asia needed to show solidarity with her. Some Filipinos go overboard by insulting other delegates. The online wars between Filipinos and Thai and Filipinos and Indonesia are very common.

Miss Universe pageant is an organization that works pretty much any other company which has to keep in mind the changing market trends and its various dynamics. It appears that the Asia, South East Asia in particular will get more limelight. The west has already lost the interest in pageants long ago.