Miss Universe 2016 becomes a Re-Union event of former winners



As the Miss Universe 2016 is approaching towards its culmination the numbers of formers Miss Universe winner who will be attending the event keeps growing.

So far Dayanara Torres of Puerto Rico, winner 1993, Lupita Jones of Mexico, Winner 1991, Sushmita Sen of India, winner 1994, Riyo Mori of japan, winner 2007 and Lupita Jones of Angola , winner 2011 have confirmed that they will be attending the show.

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In Photo : Dayanara Torres , Miss Universe 1993 from Puerto Rico

Of course, the Miss Universe winners from Philippines, all three of them including the reigning winner Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach will be there.

Other than these Diana Harkusa, 2014 Finalists from Ukraine along with quite a few of her year-mates will be there.

This will be a special event for India too as our very own Sushmita Sen , first Miss Universe from India will be attending the show as one of the judges in the finals.

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In Photo : Leila Lopes , Miss Universe 2011 from Angola

The line-up of judges for the preliminary slated to take place tonight is different from the final night. It includes the following personalities :-

  1. Dayanara Torres , Winner 1993
  2. Riyo, Mori, Winner 2007
  3. Cynthia Bailey ,Model and actress
  4. Rob Goldstone, Journalist and Publisher
  5. Fred Nelson , , President of People’s Choice Awards
  6. Francine Lefrak , Women’s rights activist


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In Photo : Riyo Mori, Miss Universe 2007 from Japan



With such eminent personalities of their respective fields it shall be very difficult to make the first cut which is the Top 12.