Miss Universe 2016 : Chalita Suansane a strong contender from Thailand



Thailand has produced 2 winners so far at the Miss Universe pageant. This year Chalita Suansane is representing Thailand at the Miss Universe pageant and she has been performing too well.

Chailta Suansane has been a front runner for the crown ever since she won the Miss Thailand pageant. She has a great body for swimsuit and her beauty has a universal appeal that oozes a lot of confidence.

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This year Asian girls have been delivering great performance. Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand are all very strong in so far their wardrobe, styling and confidence level is concerned. Chalita Suansane has been an early favorite and her performance so far is a seal of approval for the front runner status.

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Back home in Thailand, special efforts are being made to gather as much support as possible for the edge in voting and social media presence. She deserve the attention that she is getting.

Chalita Suansane was born is 1994, the year when Philippines hosted the pageant and that year as well, Thailand was pretty strong and barely missed the first cut.

This time, it’s a different equation. Chalita stands much higher in the rankings of pageant watchers and is very likely to do well.

She was among the best in the Terno Show.

Her swim suit performance was also among the best, the best in our opinion. She rocked the stage in the swimsuit event ( The sponsor’s event).

Chalita Suansane could well be a Sushmita Sen for Thailand to re-ignite the pageant scene in Thailand.


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In our opinion, Thailand along with Indonesia and Malaysia will now be another country in the east eager to replicate the success of Philippines .Should that happen, it will be very welcome change in the pageantry scene.