Miss Universe 2016 establishes emergence of Asian beauty in pageantry

Miss Universe Organisation is also a Business enterprise, it is certainly not a No Profit No Loss entity concerned only with charity.
Otherwise, Donald Trump would not have owned it. MUO is also evolving.

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In Photo : Philippines President with the Miss Universe 2016 delegates


There is clear shift towards newer territories.

The contestants from these new territories, read South East Asia are very strong and becoming stronger year after year. This is good for Asia. I Will be happy to see Thailand or Indonesia winning it. Miss Universe will become more interesting to watch . This is the remarkable thing about this edition. Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam have done well too.

The cat which is still in the bag is, " The direction in which Miss Universe Organisation is heading". With Live Voting, which will kill chances of many deserving ones, it appears that it wants to cater to new markets. The short interview after Top 12 and the rumors that more importance will be given to Interviews is also notice worthy.

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National Costume of Miss Vietnam at Miss Universe 2016

In past few years the quality of the TOP 5 inasmuch as content of answer in concerned has been compromised for facial beauty or other pageant patty traits. . Compare that with 1994 or compare with 1999, when Miriam Quiambo of Philippines gave an answer that would have been a winning answer today. Of course, Mpule, the eventual winner was the best.

Miss Universe 2016

Every year there are more than one deserving girls , one who eventually wins fits the larger goals of the organisation better than others. We don't see them in motion as much as they do. We shall prepare ourselves for surprise placements but who the eventual winner will be, this shall be consequent upon the larger change happening within the MUO.

We are looking forward to a good Top 6. We want the quality of 90s back. Be it Latina or Asians.

Miss Universe 2016

National Costume of Nicaragua