Miss Brazil Raissa Santana among top favorites at Miss Universe


Miss Brazil Raissa Santana making many head turns with her strong aura. She has been among the favorites for the crown ever since she became only the second black girl to win Miss Brazil.

Brazil has made the semifinal cut every year since 2011 and is very strong this year as well with Raisaa Santana.

Raissa Santana has been performing well as expected and under the radar of the enthusiast.

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Raissa Santana win at the national pageant has not gone unnoticed. She is the second girl of African-American (read South America) to win the crown after Deise Nunes in 1986.

Raissa Santana’s tale is very interesting. She was bullied as a child for

hair and was even called ugly. But today she looks amazingly beautiful

and its hair which give a special flavor to her appeal.

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Raissa Santana was raised by her single mother and she considers her family as her first priority.

We must admit that she is undeniably a very strong contestant and is very likely to advance to Top 12.

Brazil is very strong at Miss Universe but it hasn’t had as many winners.

With Raissa things are very different. She has been called a strong contender alongside Venezuela and Philippines.

She consistently features in Top 5 list of many pageant enthusiasts.

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She comes across as a lively girl with balanced personality not overdoing anything so far.

Raissa is also a sports lover and a big fan of cricket like most her countrymen. That also lends a special character to her charm.

Raissa's main contest at the Miss Universe pageant 2016 is with fellow Latinas from Colombia and Venezuela which have sent very strong and prepared delegates as usual.  Philippines and Thailand are also very strong.

Raissa Santana can bring the crown back to Brazil and it shall not come as a surprise to us.  But the contest this year is still very open and there are no clear front runners. There are quite a few strong contenders and its still anybody's game

We wish her all the best for the contest.