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Miss Universe 2016: Miss Indonesia , A Favorite for the crown



The scene in the pageantry world is changing. Indonesia is among the countries which have brought the lime light to Asia. This year Indonesia’s bet is Kezia Roslin has been performing very well.

Indonesia has begun to perform very well in the beauty pageants. Kezia Roslin stands tall at almost 6 feet and has a great aura as astounding as her height.

She has been among the front runners and rightly  so.

Her choices of gowns have been great and it has always complemented her beauty.

Indonesia of late has begun to perform very well in the beauty pageants and delegates are very well prepared hinting that going forward Indonesia will be a force to reckon with as strong as India and Philippines which have conventionally held the Asian torch.

Kezia Roslin is 25 years old and belongs to Sulawesi Utara province of Indonesia.


We have seen her videos and can confidently say that she is very well prepared contestant. She has worked on her public speaking and English language skill.

Miss Universe Organization is now under a new management and there are bound to be some changes. We feel that they may have stronger inclination towards better speakers who possess a decent knowledge of what is happening in the world.

The lineup of the judges also hints to this change.

Miss Universe 2016 has seen some very strong delegates from continent of Asia and this includes Malaysia and Indonesia as well.

It’s only a matter of time that Indonesia will win first major crown. This year Indonesia is very strong with Kezia Roslin putting a good show.