Miss Universe 2016: Miss Philippines V/S Miss Venezuela, The battle of Sash continues

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As Miss Universe 2016 advances towards its finale the battle of beauty between Philippines and Venezuela is also gaining traction. It is a very subtle contest between two powerful nations of pageantry. Venezuela and Philippines both have performed very well in past few years.

Its a battle of Sash between Philippines and Venezuela 

This year is no different. Maxine Medina of Philippines and Mariam Habach of  Venezuela are making waves at the pageants and are expected to advance to the semi-finals. Both have garnered much media praise.

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Both are very strong in almost all departments. However Maxine has received some flak for her poor communication skills. Mariam, as of now appears to have an edge.

Mariam Habach was always a heavy favorite being a Miss Venezuela. Her Syrian heritage gives her very exotic eyes. That’s what has impressed us the most. Her performance in swimsuit for a sponsor’s event was very good and is rightly a favorite among the sponsors.

She has been performing well except for the very beginning when she was spotted in a very carefree outlook. But she knows her game plan. She is very likely to place in Top 12 at Miss Universe 2016.

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Maxine Medina, on the other hand is representing the host country. After last year’s controversy it appears difficult to replicate  Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach's Top Finish but it is not impossible. She has been trained well. She looked splendid in her gown at the governor’s ball and has performed god so far.

In the battle of two heavy favorites, Venezuela has surged ahead for reasons which are beyond Maxine Medina’s  control. A host country’s victory is probably very difficult at the moment. For now , just enjoy the show at Miss Universe 2016