Miss Universe 2016: Philippines delivering a spectacular show as host just like 1994 and 1974



Miss Universe 2016 is turning out to be a spectacular show. From events to personalities associated with the show it has become an affair to remember. Tonight, January the 26th, the preliminary contest will be held and the picture for the final show shall become clearer.

So far all Philippines has delivered a spectacular show.



Except for the ill-fitting swim suits for a sponsor’s event, things have been put together very well.

The most spectacular thing about this edition is the presence of former winners which include Sushmita Sen, Leila Lopes, Dayanara Torres, Riyo Mori , Lupita Jones will be among those who will attend the show.


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Sushmita Sen and Leila Lopes will be sitting as the judge for the coronation night.

This is the fourth time Philippines is hosting the show. The last time was 22 years back in 1994 when Sushmita Sen emerged the winner. This edition will be the 65th edition and the organizers and the Filipino hosts have made it an event to remember. Sushmita Sen has also posted a picture on her Instagram account praising the hosts.

Filipinos are known for being very vocal supporters of their beauty queens and it was anticipated that this event will be an affair to remember.

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From visit to the President Palace to the Cultural show at Davao, everything has had an imprint of Filipino culture. The visit to the the world heritage site and the Terno show were also successful in showcasing Filipino heritage and brought before the world a side hitherto unknown to the world.

It had elements of grandeur as well, the delegates were invited to a Yatch party and a gala dinner as well.

In our opinion, the visit to the President Palace was the best event so far. The department of Tourism also deserves praise for a commendable job.

It has been an event to remember just like the 1994 event.