Miss Universe 2016: Roshmita Harimurthy is not a just a sentimental favorite , Read Why



Roshmita Harimurthy is currently slaying the competition silently at Miss Universe 2016. Despite the fact that she has been largely ignored by the local media, she continues to be our favorite. Roshmita Harimurthy, in our opinion is among the best the best contestants ever.

She reminds us of 90’s era when class, sophistication mattered more

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Most of us at the Bitvie team are children of 90’s. It was in the 90’s when we saw Sushmita Sen, Aishwarya Rai heralding India’s arrival in the world of beauty pageants. Besides, exotic beauty , it was their sophisticated projection that made the world take notice

Pageants are also a place to project soft power of a country. Venezuela became known for its beauty queen before it became famous for its oil wealth and anti-USA stance. Sushmita Sen and Lara Dutta have strengthened India’s reputation as a land of beauty and brain.

Her styling has been impressive and she is a beauty in motion.

Roshmita’s styling has been on point for the events that she has attended. We were impressed by her elegant styling at the governor’s ball. It was also appreciated by the local media.

In our opinion, Roshmita Harimurthy looked very elegant in the traditional attire at the Governor's and made a mark.


Strong Communication skills

Roshmita Harimurthy comes across as a very witty lady with ability to think on feat. That should help her a lot at the pagent.

Indian girls have a different vibe from other contestants.Having lived country which is still conservative on many counts imbues them with a certain special kind of femininity which makes them stand out in so far as the body language is concerned (as is the case with most Indian contestants, Sushmita Sen , Lara Dutta , Asha Bhatt and Srinidhi Shetty  in more recent times. Wannabe vibes are a big NO.

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She may not be receiving as much attention from the local media but that barely matters as long as she impresses those who matter. Media is for popular consumption. She will, in all likelihood, ace her interview. Best of Luck to her. Be elegant Be classy. Leave the rest to MUO. They may already have a certain personality type that they want to represent them this year, if she fits the bill... She will be there.

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She has performed well in Swimsuit event ( A sponsor’s event not the official event) and was among the best at the Davao event and got a loud cheer from the public.

Roshmita Harimurthy has largely been ignored and so was Sushmita Sen when she competed. Roshmita Harimurthy  will perform when it matters most and put our faith in her abilities.