Miss Universe 2016: What’s behind Philippines superb run at the beauty pageants in recent times?

Philippines, of late has performed superlatively well in the beauty pageants. Like most countries with a Spanish colonial heritage, Philippines also takes beauty pageants seriously and Beauty Queens have been accorded a high status in the society.

While Philippines did make a mark in the late 60s , 70s, it failed to recreate the magic in 80s and 90s . With occasional success in Miss International and Miss Asia Pacific its performance remained a lackluster in the top two pageants, Miss Universe and Miss World.

Megan Young Miss World 2016

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But since Venus Raj secured a Top 5 finish the country seemed to have awakened from a deep slumber and has performed very well in all the pageants. What’s behind this miracle has been a topic of debate among many pageant enthusiasts.

What we do know that miracles don’t happen, one has to work for them to happen.

Venus Raj’s ‘almost a crown’ performance rekindled the past glories and reminded them of their capabilities. Many young girls once again began to dream big.

Philippines has always been a pageant crazy nation like many countries in Latin America. Its Spanish colonial heritage gives it a special character in the entire Asia.

The amazing mixing of blood that includes the natives, Chinese, Malay, Spanish among many others give Philippines’’ beauty an exotic look.

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Most Filipinos I have spoken with so far are easy going people with a sunny disposition towards life and are very humble too. Though, these traits seem to be absent when one talks badly about their representatives.

Behind the amazing success of its girls lie hardcore training, determination and support of netizens. Choosing the right girls for the right pageants has also been an anchor of their success. Besides, the Filipinos are among the better non-native speakers of English which is also a causative factor in their success.

While there may be other reasons, which you may add on in the comments sections but these are certainly among the most prominent reasons.

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