Miss USA 2015: The Most Outrageous Facts from This Year’s Pageant

It’s another year, it’s another Miss USA! Despite some risks of the pageant not pushing through as usual, the event can thankfully take place as originally scheduled on July 12 at Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Why should you care about this year’s contest, though? It’s not like you’ll just watch and root for your home state to win, right?

Brasted, Getty Images

Brasted, Getty Images

Well, there are two words that govern these kinds of events: human interest. Yes, the women who will be participating at Miss USA are all so beautiful and talented, and it seems like it can be impossible to put ourselves in their shoes. However, what they are too are people like us. And of course, they’re also loyally dedicated to their family, friends, hometown, and causes. How can you not relate with that?

So, with that said, what “human interest” stories can you expect from this year’s batch of contestants this time around? Well, we list some of the more interesting ones below!

  • Stung by a jellyfish, still competing

There are many women who feel it is their “destiny” to compete in the Miss USA Pageant. For Caroline Scott, this year’s Miss Wyoming, her destiny came in the form of a jellyfish sting.

Confused? Well, if you’re her and you’ve competed in the Bahamas for the Miss Teen USA Pageant, then you’d probably feel the same way, too!  But for Scott, this only signaled her resolve to compete at the next pageant she’ll be participating in!

  • A pet is a pet, no matter the “breed”

An ideal pet for a girl should be a cat, a dog, or—if the parents

Josh Brasted Getty Images

Josh Brasted Getty Images

have the moolah for it—even a pony. For little Claira Hollingsworth though, her pet of choice was a raccoon. Yep, a wild one she just found on her backyard and not the “domesticated” one (as if it’s still possible to domesticate a raccoon). She spooked people even when she was bringing her leashed raccoon along with her during her childhood rodeo competitions. But hey, at least no one got hurt!

  • Have stairs, will walk

Escalators and elevators are really convenient, aren’t they? Well, many toddlers get too terrified of them when they encounter one at first, and for some of them, they don’t even get to outgrow their fear of it!

For Rashontae Wawrzyniak, she still chooses to walk over stairs instead of escalators. But you know what? At least it benefits her health now that she’s an adult! See, you can live without modern conveniences, after all!

So, do you have any “quirks” that are in common with this year’s Miss USA contestants? Do share them with us in the comments section below!