Ouch! That hurts! Best of model catwalk bloopers

Ouch! That hurts! Tripping on the ramp is an unpleasant experience both for the model and for the onlookers. But as they say, ‘The show must go on’, so you need to gather yourself and walk straight ahead as if nothing has happened by putting your best self in front of everyone.

Perfecting the art of walk needs a lot of practice, but still then it takes a lifetime to master the art form. Even the industry’s supermodels tend to make errors while voguing on the ramp. Runway is a platform where the model is going to present the designer’s clothes to a live set of audience. So it is indispensable for the model to learn the techniques of the walk under an expert, who fully trains them the nuances of a walk. A good body posture, aplomb attitude and a charming personality are the key components that make the walk exceptional.

Walking in a tall pair of heels on a perilously slippery runway is nothing less than a daunting task where anything can go wrong. Seeing the models in the video where they are showing some skateboard tricks, falling into the pool, sliding down the stairs and tripping over and over on the ramp is quite scary and amusing. But the best part is how they have charmingly continued the walk by maintaining a cool and calm composure. The extols in the form of applause from the audiences and the fellow models is a great way of encouragement for the models to boost their morale.

Being a model is really a difficult job as they are the cynosure of the event and all eyes are gazing at them in a full souped up room with the most elite members of the industry and film fraternity. So making a flawless runway presence is of paramount importance to them.