Our 10 Favourite Natural Skincare Brands

Most of us prefer living a healthy lifestyle, but when it’s about skin care we tend to forget using healthy products. While we love using the OTC beauty products fascinated with attractive packaging and luring commercials, we forget that they are composed of toxic chemicals and other harmful ingredients.

In order to avoid skin damage in the long run, you should follow a healthy regimen with natural skin care brands which are safe to the skin. What makes the natural skin care brands safe and popular is the fact that they are free of parabens, fillers and harmful chemicals. Therefore, in order to get a beautiful skin in the safest possible way, try our 10 favorite natural skin care brands today..

Tata Harper


Located in Vermont, at the famous Julius Kingdom Harper Family Farm, the natural skincare brand prides itself of ingredients that are 100% farm grown and are produced only in small batches. Not just that, the ingredients are also 100% non-toxic which are completely safe to your skin. Their packaging and formulation has recently gone through an over all offering even better results.



Orico is British certified and was specially made for those living in the downtown. The organic brand boasts of the some of the best natural ingredients in their purest forms such as, baobab, mukul, and kigelia among others. The range promises to not just protect your skin from external damage, but also rejuvenate it.

Dr. Hauschka


Being one of the best natural skincare brands, it takes pride in its plant and mineral based formulations including organic ingredients derived from the biodynamic agricultural farms. Found in 1967, Dr. Hauschka offers a comprehensive range of natural skin care solutions that helps you attain that much needed radiance with the long lasting effect.

Kora Organics


The exquisite organic line created by model Miranda Kerr, Kora Organics, offers a holistic lifestyle through natural ingredients. Have a celestial experience with the healthy products that helps you unleash a glowing skin to the world. It is one of the natural skin care brands that offers quality certified products which are not just natural, but extremely safe for the skin.

Burt's Bees



One of the favorites for many, Burt’s Bees offers organic products grown in the patios in Maine. The products are environment friendly hence, contain no parabens SLS, phthalates or petrolatum. The company has been in business since 30 years and does not test their products on animals.

Josie Maran


One of the coveted natural skin care brands, it is known for its range of beauty products based on Argan oil, and is quite popular in the category of organic skincare. Some of the best sellers from Josie Maran include makeup removing wipes and delightful bronzers, or the plain simple argan oil that adds magic to your skin care routine. From cuticles to elbows, the argan oil works wonders for your dry skin.

Votre Vu


Votre Vu is another brand that manufactures it products in small batches in order to provide unique and luxe skin care range. Their products are based on ingredients made of plant extracts which is produced in the lab located outside Paris.

Joanna Vargas


The self-named brand by the founder Joanna Vargas who is not just a celeb facialist, but also owns one of the famous salons, also offers skin care products made of natural ingredients. Full of vitamins and plant based ingredients such as, oat grass juice among other vital greens, their products deliver an amazingly glowing and beautiful skin naturally.



Suki is another range of organic beauty products created by Suki Kramer who has merged technology with natural ingredients. The products are free of synthetics and rather contain herbal additives that contain medicinal properties. They are produced in the lab that has chemists and herbalists working together to create products made of natural ingredients.

Yes To


Established in 2006, Yes To is a top rated brand that makes beauty products made of natural ingredients. They boast of quality organic products which have been globally recognized with several awards, and are pocket friendly too. While they are widely known for products containing fruits and vegetable extracts, they also keep away from harmful chemicals like SLS, parabens or petroleum.