Sparkly Makeup Looks For Upcoming Festive Season

BFF getting married? Got invited to a Diwali party? Worry not, you have come to the right place. Nothing gets you more second looks than some sparkle. After all, everyone wants to be around the girl that shines!!

That being said, you can go totally wrong with sparkles if you aren’t careful. There’s a fine line between a fantastic dose of shine and looking like a disco ball. You want the former, but DEFINITELY not the latter. So here’s what you should try when you experiment with sparkle. It will look mesmerizing every single time. Have fun with it and be ready for all the compliments!!!

Shimmer over Glitter:

Sparkly Makeup Looks For Upcoming Festive Season…

Unless you’re joining Lady Gaga on tour, there’s no real place for huge chunks of glitter in our lives. You want to choose makeup with a shimmer that sparkles and shines, but doesn’t blind people around you. Look for eyeshadow, bronzer and blush that shines when the light hits it and make your face look illuminating. Sparkling in grown up way, that’s what we want, right ladies.

Neutral Glitter Makeup for a Sophisticated Look:

Sparkly Makeup Looks For Upcoming Festive Season…

If you want to go a bit more with the glitter, choose neutral shades. Makeup experts say that this balances the glitter with a color that blends naturally with your skin tone. Cover a matte eyeshadow with a neutral glitter over the top for a natural look that still lets you show off your shine.

The Eyeliner:

Sparkly Makeup Looks For Upcoming Festive Season…

Using a glittery eyeliner along with your usual eyeshadow is a great way to ease into the glitter trend. Start with your usual eyeshadow routine, then add a touch of glittery liner instead of your usual blacks or browns. Not only does it makes you sparkle more, but it helps bring out your eye color and makes you appear awake and ready to go.

The Metallics:

Sparkly Makeup Looks For Upcoming Festive Season…

Metallic makeup is having a huge moment right now. It’s an easy way to add some sparkle to your look. Metallic eyeshadows such as gold, silver or bronze can be used, depending on your personal preference as well as you skin tone. Apply the sparkly shade all over your eyelids and balance it out with subtle cheeks and lips. You’ll look awesome!!

Considered Sparkly Nails?

Sparkly Makeup Looks For Upcoming Festive Season…

If you’re anything like me you want to sparkle but not in an obvious way. That makes nail polish a perfect choice. You can go for a mega glitter or a simple kind of shimmer.  Either way, you can shine anywhere you go and rock your love of sparkle at the same time. What color of glittery good would you go for?

Try a Shimmery Gloss:

Sparkly Makeup Looks For Upcoming Festive Season…

If you want a sparkly lip, go a little more subdued on the eyes. That way you can rock something super shiny and glittery without looking like you’re ready for the club. Any color that matches your skin tone is a great pick, so go ahead and slather on that dreamy liquid. The glitter only makes your look that much better. Fun!

Give Your Cheeks a Chance to Shine:

Sparkly Makeup Looks For Upcoming Festive Season…

When summer winds its way down and you start to lose your summery glow, you can emulate that look with a great shimmery cheek color. Again, you want a shade that works with your skin tone, but whatever color that happens to be, you want something that shines. You can go with a simple shimmer or a color that has slightly large flecks of glitter.