Summer Sunshine is ready to outshine

Here comes the Summer! Lounging by the pool and sipping cocktails on the beach are few of the calming moments to look for. Summer is fun when you are prepared for it. 10 minutes in the sun and your hair becomes greasy, your makeup starts to melt off and you look like a zombie.We save you from some distress and bring you a bucket list of some cool things to take the heat off!

Skin that smells like Summer

Summer Sunshine is ready to outshine

The heat of the summers should not be the reason that you ditch your moisturizers. Body butter is light and perfect for the season. It smoothens the skin and protects it from dryness.

We Like: Strawberry Body Butter by THE BODY SHOP.

Do clean to be sheen!

Summer Sunshine is ready to outshine

The important aspect of any skincare regime is cleanliness. A gentle foaming cleanser is what you must go for to. Keep your skin clean and fresh. Removing makeup before bed is a key to healthy skin.

We Like: Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash or Neutrogena Oil-free acne-wash


Prep your skin

Summer Sunshine is ready to outshine

Exfoliate away dead cells with a gentle fruit acid scrub.

We Like: Forest Essentials Hand Pounded Fruit Scrub

Smell so-great

Summer Sunshine is ready to outshine

Spritz of intoxication is needed to kickstart your day on a happy note.

Token of Advice: Carry some fresh wipes like- The Body Shop Tea Tree cleansing wipes that have an iota of alcohol to zap odour causing bacteria.

We Like: Mango Mandarin Body Mist, Nature’s cool Dove Go Fresh Cool essentials

Play Up Your Pout

Summer Sunshine is ready to outshine

No one would agree any lesser that summertime is about soothing shades in the foam of long lasting lip stains, which won’t give you any smudging stress.

We Like: Lakme Lip Like Cherry Balm (pop of color + moisturization factor), L’Oreal Paris Colour Caresse Wet Shine Lip Stain

Essential Beauty Addition

Summer Sunshine is ready to outshine

Tone it up to shut your pores. This prevents any dirt from entering and keeps your skin squeaky clean.

Token of Advice: Use it post your scrub.

We Like: The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner

 Spritz away dry heat

Summer Sunshine is ready to outshine

Use a refreshing spritz on your face. Chilled rose water definitely keeps the heat at bay.

We Like: Mac Fix it +; keeps your makeup intact.

Prevention is better than the cure

Summer Sunshine is ready to outshine

We might live to bake in the sun, but that is something a lot of us won’t like! So apply sunscreen like your life depends on it and then you are good to go to welcome summer and its blistering sunshine.

Token of Advice: Wash your face before applying a sunscreen and you must slather it on your entire body.

We Like: ‘Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 85’, ‘Neutrogena Clear Face Sunscreen with SPF 55’ (acne prone skin)

Feminine, flirty n fun ensembles

Summer Sunshine is ready to outshine

It’s time for delicate love mi amigos! From romantic chintzes to floral prints to paisleys to cartoon retro prints to the psychedelic print…Prints are in!

Token of Advice: Structured tops and blouses with ultra feminine detailing worn over printed skirts are in vogue.

Accessory of the ‘moment’

Summer Sunshine is ready to outshine

Stylish, trendy and super cool. From cute bow headband to embellished clips to metal tiaras- ensure that your tresses are dresses this spring. Long silky scarves, brooches to add subtle glamour or danglers or earcuffs to sport a funky look; it’s all about experimenting this summer.

Token of Advice: A nude sling bag is definitely gorgeous! Sling it!

Virgin White

Summer Sunshine is ready to outshine

Dresses, tops and skirts with guipure lace, broderieanglaise, delicate cut-work and crystal detailing look stunning and give Victorian feel.

Time to Sundress

Summer Sunshine is ready to outshine

Gauzy evening dresses in white, cream or pretty dresses with romantic tulle bows are flying off the shelves.

Token of Advice: Sun hats and sunglasses are a great way to add a punch of chic to your outfit and, they protect your skin from the scorching heat. Tada!!

Swim away your troubles

Summer Sunshine is ready to outshine

‘AQUA’, healer, body-calmer and solution to all the mess that goes around. This summer, ditch those sweaty gyms and head to the nearest pool.

P.S -It burns those stubborn calories with minimal yet relaxing effort.

Token of Advice: Go for color-blocked Maillot or red ruched swimsuit!

A Sneaker story

Summer Sunshine is ready to outshine

Sneakers are trend du jour this summer. They are the most versatile accessory to be paired up with formals and casuals.

Token of Advice: My pick are the embroidered sneakers with couture, setting the trend for sure!

Summers are fun, summers are stylish. Stay hydrated, stay in vogue :*