Top 10 Miss Universe Controversies Of All Times

Miss Universe controversies are very common. The pageant might look beautiful and gorgeous but at the same time the pageant is surrounded by a number of controversies too.  Contestants come from different parts of the world and indulge for a fierce competition and these controversies either form during the part of the contest or after the completion of the contest.

So, let’s have a look at the top 10 Miss universe controversies of all times –

1.Miss Colombia mistakenly declared the Miss Universe 2015


Miss Colombia was the Miss universe for the shortest time. She was declared as the Miss Universe 2015 by mistake. The actual Miss Universe was Miss Philippines but the host read the cue card wrong.

2. Miss USA contestant commented on same sex marriage


Carrie Prejean created controversy when she said that she always thought that the marriage should always be in between a man and woman because that’s how she was raised.

3. Miss USA Rima Fakih’s Pole Dancing Pics


Rima Fakih’s photos were found dancing in an offensive manner on a stripper pole in the year 2007.

4. Miss Teen Louisiana 2008 lost her title


Miss Teen Louisiana 2008 lost her prestigious title when she was found partying and dancing and also was found with a bag of marijuana.

5. Miss Puerto Rico 2015 suspended for Anti Muslim remarks


Miss Puerto Rico 2015 shocked everyone when she said that Muslims terrorize other nations. She further said that even the books in Muslim also promote terrorism.

6. Miss America 2014’s win created a debate of racism on twitter


Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri’s win created a debate of racism on twitter. She was constantly asked if she is a terrorist. Her win was actually scheduled at 4 days later of the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attack.

7. Miss Nevada 2006 nude photos surfaced on internet


Miss Nevada 2006 lost her title when her semi nude photos surfaced at a party in Tampa, Florida. And also she was later arrested for assaulting a police officer.

8. Miss Great Britain 2006 dated a Judge


Danielle was striped off her Miss Great Britain 2006 title when it was found that she was dating one of the judge and also she was about to pose semi nude for a playboy magazine cover.

9. Alicia Machado overweight


Alicia Machado was continuously criticized for her weight issues. It was being said that because of her excessive weight Miss Universe organisation might replace her with Miss Aruba. But anyways she won the title as Miss Universe 1996.

10. Miss Delaware uncrowned because she was too old


Miss Delaware, Amanda Longacre was stripped off from her title as she was considered as too old for the title. Ideally, the patients should be aged between 17-24 years.

So, these were some of the most raging and burning controversies of Miss Universe Pageants. All of them have been in headlines since very long and have been widely discussed all over the world.