Top 10 spring summer boots to add to your shoe collection

My obsession with shoes dates back to the time when Carrie exclaimed in one of the episodes of Sex and the City, “I have this little substance abuse problem…expensive footwear”. Indeed, every time I go shopping, I return with a new pair on my feet. Spring is here; my feet are aching for some chic booties, to match with my floaty dresses. Before I go shopping, let me share with you all my list of top 10 spring summer boots that you must add to your shoe collection. Read on to know the trend.

Go-Go Boots


The 70s seems to have returned on the Dior runaway as they displayed their spring summer collection with flowy dresses and vibrant go-go boots. Ankle length as well as over the knee, you can wear it any way you want. Get one in a nice pop of colour to beat the heat with style in this summer.

Cage Boots

cage-bootsThis is one of the trendiest among all Spring Summer boots. A nice little lacy cage or leather worked into a caged silhouette will add the right dash of fashion to any outfit. Team it up with pastel frocks and double twisted ponytail, for a fresh look. It’s a must for all the glam peeps out there.

Suede Boots


Nothing like a pair of suede boots to spice your pleated midi. They are classic and elegant, with a Hollywoodish charm. You can wear it to any occasion, formal or informal. It’s timeless, which makes it even more compulsory for your shoe collection. Invest in one and own it up for a lifetime.

Patchwork Boots


Patchwork boots are the latest trend in this season. As soon as Prada showcased their collection, they gained immediate popularity. They give you a harlequinesque feel and a sensation of freedom from norms.

Animal Prints



Nothing is more alluring than animal prints. They never stop trending. They are totally wearable in any season. Plus they make you look chic and super sexy. This one is a must have for your shoe collection.

Glittery Texture and Embellished booties

Top 10 spring summer boots to add to your shoe collection: Glittery textured boots

Glittery Textured boots

Get your swag on with a pair of Glitter booties. It is an absolute necessity for those who love to live life king size. It will surely spice up any outfit, even your go-to jeans shorts.

Psychedelic and Techni-colored boots


There is something extremely futuristic about these boots. The moment you wear them, you become a part of the high thinking, innovative fashion princess. If you love experimenting, these spring summer boots are definitely your thing. So add up now.

Fringed Boots




These booties have always been my favorite. I just love fringes from hair to clothes to boots. Fringed boots are sexy and cute at the same time. They look brilliant with the spring time short dresses.

Denim Booties


If you are a jeans and sweatshirt girl, why not invest in some denims for your feet! These street style booties will lend a fresh vibe to your persona. Ever since Louis Vuitton showcased it this year, I have been craving for one of them.

Knitted Boots


I just can’t stop raving about Dior’s knitted foot wear. A piece of absolute beauty, the knitted boot is a must if you want to stand out in the crowd. These ones from Dior are truly red carpet winners.

So now that you have got the list, just remember what Marilyn Monroe said:

Top 10 spring summer boots to add to your shoe collection:

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