Top 10 spring summer hairstyles 2015

Poker straight lobs and classic buns are so last season. Spring is here. It is time to bid adieu to your old hairstyle. This season jazz up your hair with absolute drama; pull it high or let it flow, plait it or embellish, or even accentuate in the asymmetric way. From Chanel to Dolce & Gabbana, Bollywood to Hollywood, the verdict is out; waves and bobs are here to stay. We bring to you the top 10 spring summer hairstyles 2015. Beat the heat and stay calm fashionably. Read on to follow the trend.

The Textured Pixie


Top 10 spring summer hairstyles 2015

If you think pixie is gone, just because Anne Hathaway has grown her hair long, think again. Pixie is back with a bang, with even more punk and edginess. The most suitable for summer, you can stay cool yet stylish with a modified pixie. Grow the bangs on your pixie, like Scarlet Johansson, to add texture to it. Voila! You have the season’s trendiest look on you.

Side Swept Bangs With Shaggy lob n bob


Top 10 spring summer hairstyles 2015

Side swept bangs are a rage now; everyone seems to be following it religiously. The tip is to make it dense; the thicker it is, the better will it look. Team it up with a messy bob or a shaggy lob, like Sienna Miller and Kim Kardashian; and you will surely rock the stage. It is super sexy, yet easy on maintenance for daily use. If you prefer a shorter do, fashion it in the likes of Anne Hathaway.

Braids And Plaits


Top 10 spring summer hairstyles 2015

The comforts of braids are many. Besides giving you relief from the heat, it will take your glamour quotient way higher up the chart. Runaways of Michael Kors, Versace, Armani and even Dolce & Gabbana are all dominated by this trend. Pump up your style with braids and plaits in this spring summer. You can twist it up as crown. For free flow, you can also:

Let the fishtail hang on your side or back, or go loose with the twists, as seen in Michael Kors runaway

The Chignon


Top 10 spring summer hairstyles 2015

Since Madonna wore it in her performance, chignon had remained one of the most popular hairstyles to this day. This year, chignon is big with more twists and volume in it. Carolina Herrera models put their huge ‘Sumo Buns’ on display, while at Dolce and Gabanna it is the Spanish knots. Another notable trend that has been noticed is the use of accessories to decorate the buns, especially with fresh flowers. So spring summer it is!

Low & Messy Ponytail


Top 10 spring summer hairstyles 2015

Wear your ponytails low this spring summer. As seen in major fashion shows, the ponytail is clearly not the sleek and shiny one. Focus is given to messy and natural ponytail, with the top super sleek and the rest bold and wavy. Double elastic ponytails are also trendy this summer.

Boho Waves


Top 10 spring summer hairstyles 2015

Spring Summer hairstyles 2015 is all about simplicity and freedom. All made up straightened hair is replaced by waves and loose curls. Breathe in the spring with tousled, messy, wavy hair.

Wet Look


Top 10 spring summer hairstyles 2015

Just out of the water beach look is the trend to look out for. Versace models have strut the ramp with gelled back hairs, with a touch of lacquer. The key to this hairstyle is high shine and bright lips.

Centre Parting


Milan Fashion Week demonstrated the centre-parting in many of its shows. From Alberta Ferretti to Alexander Wang, most big names are putting their money on this particular hairstyle.

Bombshell Blow out


Top 10 spring summer hairstyles 2015

This hairstyle will never go out of fashion. The obvious inspiration is Brigitte Bardot. It is super glam, with huge blow outs and lively curls.

Airy bangs


Top 10 spring summer hairstyles 2015

Spring summer hairstyle 2015 gives utmost importance to free flow, and breaks the authoritative norm. Hair is natural and loose, so are the bangs. Instead of a neat cut, bangs are piecy and choppy, letting air flow.

So what do you think? Are you ready to give your locks a makeover? Style and share your picture with us.