Venezuela Vs Philippines Beauty Pageants: The power of sash

Venezuela Vs Philippines Beauty Pageant have always been a topic of discussion. Venezuela and Philippines have emerged as top two favorite countries in our polls, check here. Let's see how they stand head to head.
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Miss Philippines: Mary Jean Lastimosa

Venezuela and Philippines Beauty Pageants: The power of sash

Miss Philippines: Rating

She will try to continue the trend for Philippines by making the final cut. She is undoubtedly a contestant to watch for. Her sash power is strong. Mary jean is determination personified. She has the determination of Venus Raj and intelligence of Miriam Quiambao. Both reached very far at Miss Universe.

Her smile is what makes her stand apart.She has it all in her armory, you name it she has it. Talking about Venezuela vs philippines beauty pageants,she is a tough competition to Miss Venezuela. The Walk, the Grace, the Poise and a Great Body to Droll over. One area of opportunity would be her styling. Ariella had a very average gown last (you may differ). Philippines has awaken from slumber of years and seems to be on the right track to win after a gap of around 40 years.

Miss Venezuela: Migbelis Castellanos

Venezuela and Philippines Beauty Pageants: The power of sash

Miss Venezuela: Bitvie Rating

She is Miss Venezuela. It doesn’t get bigger than this in beauty pageants. Venezuela sends the most prepared delegates. As the country that currently holds the title Migbelis has her task cut out.

She is a picture of perfection. She will deliver that we know but will the weight of being from the reigning country would bring her down remains to be answered. Nevertheless she is a front-runner. Venezuela managed a back to back in Miss Universe by winning in 2008-09. India did it in Miss World by winning in 1999-2000. So it is possible.

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