Watch At Your Own Risk With Some Appalling Designs!

The creativity in fashion industry is perpetual and changes season to season, giving us a range of  breathtakingly glamorous to utterly incongruous designs. The foremost lesson taught to every fashion designer is to ‘think out of the box’, and there are quite a few designers in the world who take it in the literal sense! To bring some crazy fashion game into the limelight, it’s quite shocking to see how these designers rummage through some unique ideas and project those ideas creating designs that are totally bizarre and unconventional.

The video showcases a bevy of models walking down the ramp in designs which will tap your funny side. Making a slew of crazy fashion statements with outlandishly structured designs that look like clothing from another planet, splashes of colours that are loud, models resembling candy coloured clowns, outfits with mega sized pictures resembling the models wearing them (makes for the perfect identification proof), an unusual placement of huge lips on the head and set of sunglasses on face are absolutely bewildering and left me aghast.

Men’s fashion as you can see takes a quirky turn. Models wearing ultra cropped tee-shirts, diaphanous outfits, skin tight jumpsuits make for freakish and unattractive designs. The male model going down the route of feminine style by wearing an off-shoulder top teamed with a skirt with frilled edges is unflattering and depicts a girly fashion.

Having said that, the complexity of the designs is something we can’t give a miss. But it would have been more beautiful if these clothes were more functional rather than just being served up as costume and theatrical pieces. The art of fashion is liberating and is as such a platform where one can express their ideas freely - be it in a meaningful and a functional way or in an unusually bizarre manner!