Who Will Win This Year’s Miss USA 2015?

This year’s Miss USA Pageant will perhaps be the most hotly contested pageant in recent history! As is per usual, fifty-one women representing each state of America will participate at this year’s event that will happen this weekend, July 12, at the Baton Rouge River Center in Louisiana. And while there were instances that the pageant may be at risk of not taking place this weekend, the adage, “the show must go on” proves very true for this year’s competition! Talent and beauty does not wait for anyone, after all!

So, if you’re a betting man or woman, who should you be rooting to win for this year’s Miss USA then? While it is true we have to represent our very own states, you also should be on the lookout for the top contestants who will surely be dominating the pageant come competition time! So, for this purpose, here are our top bets for who will win Miss USA 2015!

Miss Arizona
Miss USA 2015: Miss Arizona Maureen Montagne

Miss Arizona: Maureen Montagne

Miss Arizona is Maureen Montagne, and she is typical of the recent winners Miss USA has been producing in years past. Her beauty just screams “modern”, though she also has strength of carrying herself with the class and grace expected of a top-notch beauty queen. One of her drawbacks, however, is her subpar speaking skills, but let’s see if she can remedy it come competition time!
Miss District of Columbia
Miss USA 2015: Miss District of Columbia, Lizzy Olsen

Miss District of Columbia: Lizzy Olsen

Miss District of Columbia is Lizzy Olsen. And with a name like that, you know that she’s American as apple pie: blonde, blue eyes, and bubbly. And just like any other American “girl”, she is also fiercely independent and seems to speak up for herself quite well! Hey, maybe Miss USA IS a beacon of femininity, after all!
Miss Rhode Island
Miss USA 2015: Miss Rhode Island, Anea Garcia

Miss Rhode Island: Anea Garcia

Miss Rhode Island is Anea Garcia. And if we’re solely talking about “precedents” here, then know that Rhode Island was the state that also produced last year’s runner-up. She just has a simple beauty that is easily “moldable” to fit any purpose, and she seems to be doing well with her interview game on so far!
Miss Indiana
Miss USA 2015: Miss Indiana, Gretchen Reece

Miss Indiana: Gretchen Reece

Miss Indiana is Gretchen Reece. With stunning beauty, she also comes with a very impressive portfolio with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Communication Disorders. She is currently finishing her Master's Degree in Speech Pathology. Well she must be really good in speech!
Miss Texas
Miss USA 2015: Miss Texas, Ylianna Guerra

Miss Texas: Ylianna Guerra

Miss Texas is Ylianna Guerra. She is a traveler by heart and devotes her time to inspire young kids. Recently, she spoke out regarding Donald Trump’s controversial statement about immigration and she stands firm to her belief that Latinos are good people.
Miss Iowa
Miss USA 2015: Miss Iowa, Taylor Even

Miss Iowa: Taylor Even

Miss Iowa Taylor Even has a fascination in sports that many women would not dare to try kickboxing, water skiing and biking. She has a big heart for people with physical or mental disabilities. Very beautiful indeed.
Miss Connecticut
Miss USA 2015: Miss Connecticut, Ashley Golebiewski

Miss Connecticut: Ashley Golebiewski

Miss Connecticut Ashley Golebiewski has a Polish heritage and grew up with a bilingual family. She is a honor student in high school and the first in her family to finish college. Being an immigrant, she is bullied in her younger years, a reason she is now an advocate for an international anti-bullying organization.
Miss Florida
Miss USA 2015: Miss Florida, Ashleigh Lollie

Miss Florida: Ashleigh Lollie

Miss Florida is Ashleigh Lollie, a bookworm who loves adventure. Yes, Ashleigh proves that loving books does not necessarily mean you can’t be outgoing too.
Miss New York
Miss USA 2015: Miss New York, Thatiana Diaz

Miss New York: Thatiana Diaz

Miss New York is Thatiana Diaz, a certified beauty and brains graduating Magna Cum Laude from Pace University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies. She is an achiever and won Miss New York Teen USA 2010, She is definitely a force to reckon with in the pageant.
Miss Kentucky
Miss USA 2015: Miss Kentucky, Katie George

Miss Kentucky: Katie George

Miss Kentucky Katie George may look like a doll with her beautiful face and slender figure, but looks can be deceiving as she is very athletic and loves sports. With a queenly stance and a go getter attitude, she might be this year’s Miss USA.
Miss Georgia
Miss USA 2015: Miss Georgia, Brooke Fletcher

Miss Georgia: Brooke Fletcher

Miss Georgia is Brooke Fletcher an Associate Director at ESPN. Her dream is to be a sideline reporter in the network. With her perfect smile and intelligence, she surely is a top contender for the crown.
So, who’s your bet for this year’s Miss USA, then? Well, do share it with us in the comments section below!
Image Courtesy: MissUniverse.com